Wfree Customer Agreement

These are the general terms and conditions of Wfree. Any changes on these conditions may be done without prior notice.

1- WFree will not be responsible for business or personal losses due to the services operation, even if the problems result from the WFree infrastructure or configuration errors.

2- The free services are offered when using the coupons that are given to the users once they register. The coupons are renewed monthly so the user can renew his service as well.

3- Upon registration, user must provide real information and cannot create more than one account per person. Also, the domain names for the services to be configured must be of his property, or the property of the company he works at.

4- WFree does not allow the usage of the services to send unsolicitted e-mail (SPAM) or to run any type of script or code that can harm or try to steal information from others. This can result in immediate and permanent suspension of the account.

5- WFree does not share the user´s information with any third party. The information is only used for keeping the users record updated and active.

6- WFree uses cookies only for security reasons, in order to identify the terminals used to access the services. No tracking is performed besides it.

7- Use WFree services for your benefit, but never for the loss and injure of others.